News: Boost your Business - Telekom brings startups and clients together!

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News: Boost your Business - Telekom brings startups and clients together!

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Telekom's startup program combines the best of two worlds!
"We're innovators, and we're always looking for interesting solutions for our customers. So we focus on startups, because it's often the young savages who challenge the status quo and simply try new things and solutions. The result is valuable solutions that evolve our business customers", says Matthias Schievelbusch, Head of Startup Cooperations at Telekom.

But how do we connect these innovative startup solutions with our customers? This is how the idea of ​​innovation workshops came about.

What is our goal at the innovation workshops?
Deutsche Telekom brings startups and customers together with their innovation workshops. The startup program TechBoost opens the doors to Telekom's customer network for startups and puts them in contact with potential customers. Customers benefit from a variety of innovative products that drive their business. As an innovator, Telekom actively supports its business customers with strategy and innovation topics.

How does an innovation workshop work?
From over 350 participating startups, customers can choose startups that fit their business model and offer promising solutions to their current challenges. Detailed information on the startups will be provided in advance for this purpose. The innovation workshop takes place with the involvement of the client, including the management, the board and the experts, the TechBoost team and the selected startups (max. 7). This constellation allows for an intensive exchange and decision making on further cooperation.

TechBoost accompanies customers from A to Z - from matchmaking to proof-of-concept. The right solution is found for every challenge.
It's a match! - Why do we bring startups and clients together through innovation workshops?
"We are confident that our business customers will benefit from the innovations of the startups by developing new digital business models together with the young founders. Because there are no points of contact between the two worlds, Deutsche Telekom is helping a bit. We ensure that customers and founders actually match! ", says Matthias Schievelbusch.
Are you looking for an innovative idea for your business model?

Are you interested in an innovation workshop with selected TechBoost startups?

Contact us at! We look forward to your inquiry.