News: TechBoost start-up DataLovers AG on the fast track

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News: TechBoost start-up DataLovers AG on the fast track

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Open Telekom Cloud meets customer acquisition with artificial intelligence

The TechBoost start-up DataLovers AG simplifies sales with customized target customer lists through artificial intelligence. Based on a template, an algorithm scours the internet and selects on websites and social media promising companies for distributors.

“The result is more deals and less frustration when acquiring customers," says Andreas Kulpa, CEO and co-founder of the start-up.

Where does the startup get the necessary computing power from? From the Open Telekom Cloud!

The Open Telekom Cloud contributes with its flexibly scalable IT resources, cost-effective long-term storage, data security and data protection to the further, sustainable success of the startup.

“We are currently gaining an average of two to five new customers a week,” Kulpa says. And that will only grow: the start-up also plans to expand into Poland and France.

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