News: The app from the startup Footfact in use at the Love Magenta Shop

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News: The app from the startup Footfact in use at the Love Magenta Shop

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Do you know your shoe size?

FootFact has the answer to this question. The TechBoost startup has been integrated with its solution in the Love Magenta Shop since June. Read here what the app can do and how it came to cooperation.

Many people know this, you browse through the online shop and suddenly find the dream shoe or the trendy sneaker you absolutely need. So order now, before your own shoe size is gone. But which size do I order now? My usual, one size larger, as recommended by many shop customers, or do I have two or better three different sizes delivered?

FootFact has developed an app for exactly this problem, which helps to measure the foot with millimetre accuracy and to always find the right shoe size online in participating shops. This saves time, effort and possible costs for the customer. But also online shoe dealers and manufacturers profit from it. Billions in sales are lost worldwide due to returns; the average cost of a returned shoe in Germany is 14 euros. "By using the FootFact App, manufacturers and retailers can significantly increase their sales and at the same time reduce their returns considerably," says Markus Piebrock, founder of FootFact.

The startup has been part of the TechBoost program since October 2018 and uses the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC). The launch of the new Love Magenta sneakers at the Love Magenta Store began in mid-June. After a test phase, the FootFact app was integrated into the shop!

You can see in the video how easy the whole thing works: Download the FootFact App, scan the barcode, measure the foot and get the size! The app can be downloaded either from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. "In the past two weeks we have had over 6,000 downloads and the user ratings are also consistently positive," says Markus Piebrock.