Contract cancelled without my knowledge

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Hi. I found out this weekend when my Internet stopped working that my contract had been cancelled. I never requested a cancellation, and my account was always paid on time via direct debit. I am now without Internet and unable to get through to any English speaking agents with the customer service number. I'd really appreciate some help with this as soon as possible! 

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hello @robbiewrightt


from germany please call 0800 33 01080 (Mo.-Fri. 8 am to 8 pm)

from other countries call +49 180 233 1000 and let connect you to the english speaking hotline


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i can guess, why this happend.


Can it be, that you had a contract with old technic? If it was ISDN (= Universal-Anschluss) or Analog (= Standard-Anschluss), than it can be possible. Because Deutsche Telekom is and was rebuilding the technics (making a new form of technic) of the lines to the thousehoulds step by step. But Deutsche Telekom inform normally the people befor. Staff normally try to phone the people they have to change her contracts to an IP-Anschluss-contract. And if people didn't do that or Telekom cannot reach them per phone, Telekom send this people letters. And in the last letter, Telekom avise the people, that Telekom must cancel the contract.


I tell the Telekom hilft Team Staff, that you need help now, and you have filled your community profil.

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Telekom hilft Team
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Hey @robbiewrightt, welcome to our Telekom hilft Community.

When will be a good time for a call back, because I couldn't catch you by phone?

Kind regards Sven Ö.
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