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i'm moving to germany in the next few weeks and i need a german email, i would like to thank you, i signed up for the service and connected to thunderbird, i tried sending a test email to my comcast email and it was delivered to the spam folder, trying to send it to Gmail

the ip with the issue is: Received: from ([])

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welcome to our community. Fröhlich

You mean, that the mails, sended from your T-Online Adress go directly to the spam folder? 

I know, that there is a problem with T-Online, Gmail and Microsoft Adresses because of some spam mails and blocked mails. 

Just try again - T-Online have more SMTP sending servers, and they are already in contact with Google and Microsoft to solve this problem. 


Have a good one! 


Yours sincerely 



Telekom hilft Team
Telekom hilft Team
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Hello @salwakonda,

welcome to our community.
You got an Answer in Facebook. Fröhlich
We contact you.

Kind regards Khaled A.