Voicecall on WhatsApp or Skype doesn't work on home wifi

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Hello all,


I got a new internet connection and connected my iPhone to WiFi. After that voice call on WhatsApp or Skype doesn't work. But if I disconnect the phone from the wifi, it works.


Is there any setting that I should change to make this work?


Thanks in advance


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Hi Abraham,

welcome to Telekom Hilft Community.

What do you mean by getting a new internet connection?
Did you set up a new router or even a new internet contract with Telekom, like MagentaZuhause?

Could you tell us some more details of the router, please? Vendor and concrete type?

Am I right, understanding that other internet services are working well? Mailing, browsing and so on?

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Hello Piwi,


It's a new internet contract with Telekom (MagentaZuhause). The router is Speedport smart. Everything else like mailing, browsing, streaming videos..etc are working fine. Just that I'm not able to make any voice calls.

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You could try, to change the data security setting in the speedport service menu.


You‘ll find the right setting within the Internet section. There under „Internetverbindung“ (Internet connection). 

Just switch  there at the „Datenschutz“ radio buttons to „Aus“. 

And then save the setting. 


Does that change solve the issue?


I also have brought a screenshot from the user manual of speedport smart. 





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Thank you for suggesting it. I have chosen 'Aus' and will try to do a voice call tomorrow. After that, I'll update you the status.